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We founded the "School of Inner Light" in Bournemouth in Dorset on the UK's South Coast in 2002, to offer training, courses, workshops, talks and personal one-to-one advice on many aspects of vibrational and crystal healing, energy work and personal growth and spiritual development, especially aimed at working positively towards personal and planetary Ascension. As well as offering courses in Dorset we are also happy to travel anywhere in the UK (or further afield) to teach, if there is sufficient interest. Our NEWSLETTER page on this site will keep you updated with what we are doing (and teaching) currently. 


Inner Light is on the move in 2018. Hence the School will not be scheduling any more long-term courses and workshops in the Bournemouth area. If you wish to take any shorter courses however - such as Reiki or AMD - please get in touch, and we will try to fit this into our Bournemouth schedule during the first six months of the year (i.e. up until May / June 2018).
Once we have located and settled into our new home, the location and availability of future workshops and courses will be posted here: this will probably not be until mid to late 2018, so thank you for your patience and understanding! 

We also sell top-quality hand selected crystals for therapists and enthusiasts, and have an ON-LINE SHOP devoted to this. Find out, see more or buy on-line at www.innerlightcrystals.co.uk This site also has descriptions, photographs and prices of all crystals we have for sale (over 1000 items), along with helpful information about many crystal varieties and their uses and care.

This website tells you all about us and the courses and workshops we are able to teach. Some are 1 or 2 year attended study courses; some are shorter workshops and study courses from 1 - 5 days duration. Any of these offer a CPD, if you need one. All our teaching is aimed at personal and spiritual growth and/or at Practitioner and Mastery training in "hands-on" healing modalities including Crystal Healing and Energy Work, Reiki and Angelic Multidimensional Healing. 

To find out more, simply follow the dropdown menu at the head of any page, or click on a highlighted link within the text in any page to go directly to further relevant information.

This page provides a full overview of all our courses and workshops.


1) Currently scheduled;
2) Available to be taught on request (at OUR locations);
3) Available to be taught on request (at YOUR location);
4) Currently under development and awaiting release;
5) Available to be added to later schedules on request.

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In each table the LEFT HAND columns show the course or workshop title/level and the locations in which they are (or will or can be) scheduled. By clicking on the highlighted link (usually the course heading) you will be taken to a separate page that will give you a full overview of the course (along with dates, location and costs etc if this is a course currently scheduled).
The RIGHT HAND column provides an overview of the course / workshop content. By clicking on any highlighted text within the section you will be taken to a separate page, which will provide you with full details of what that course or workshop entails, along with its duration and cost (and expected release date if not yet on offer).


Go to our Calendar at a Glance page to find out what/when.
If you are interested in joining one of these groups please contact us as soon as possible to reserve a place OR to arrange a course, if there is not one already scheduled.


(see overview)


This is an Angelically-led 'course' that may be followed by anyone, anywhere!
It comprises a hardback book (costing £25, plus delivery), which has been specifically written to Guide the reader through a profound programme of self-led and self-supported work, which is designed to aid and support them on their path to Enlightenment and towards their personal Ascension.
It may be worked upon alone, or with others - perhaps as a programme of regularly held meetings, similar to running a Spiritual Book Club. Ideally such as club would be led by a person who is already used to running workshops or groups, and who is capable of being energetically aware of the needs of both themselves and the other people who will be working deeply on their self-healing and growth. Even so, the book is complete in itself, and if you choose (or can only) work alone, it needs nothing more than your own willingness to follow and immerse yourself in the guidance given within its pages - and a pen and a notebook to record your experiences. 

(see course overview):

(2-year part-time course)

NB: not currently offered - see note in red at head of this page.

We first developed this unique Crystal Healing and Energy Work Diploma course (see syllabus) in 2003, combining crystal healing/therapy with Reiki and other advanced Energy work/practise. It is a two-year part-time Professional Practitioner course that includes 27+ days attended teaching sessions (see modules) spread over approximately a two year period. We prefer to run this course on a flexible basis, based at our Bournemouth teaching and therapy rooms, with a small intake of 4 students that will ensure each attendee receives a great deal of personal attention and individual coaching. Classes are usually taught on an academic and intuitive level by Hilary with support and input on an "energetic / subtle" level provided by Mark. All modules are held in a safe and energetically supported environment. This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in working in depth with crystals and in the advanced field of Vibrational Therapies, and who wishes to be able to practise as a therapist to a high standard that will enable them to join a professional body and hold professional indemnity insurance.



 Angelic Multidimensional Healing Professional Practitioner Training is offered in 4 complete stages: stages 1 & 2 (Professional Practitioner) over 3 days; stage 3 (Master Practitioner) over 3 days; stage 4 (Master Teacher) over 3  additional days; and stage 5 (Teaching Master) 2 days (home study). Throughout each stage of the complete course you will form a sacred bond with a specific Angel (or in some cases Angels) who will join with you for all your AMD healing and/or teaching work. The complete course will provide a great opportunity for you to advance your own personal growth and self-healing and understanding. It also offers an amazingly effective tool to enable you to connect and work closely with any of the Angels and Archangels, Ascended and Galactic Masters you choose. This is a truly life-enhancing training, whether you use it simply for your own development, healing and growth or for the benefit others.



This Angelic Multidimensional Healing 2-day short course is specifically aimed at those who would like to be attuned into the basic system in order to work with the Realms of the Angelics for their own personal healing and growth, but who might not wish to take the more intensive training (see above) that would qualify them to become a Professional AMD Practitioner and/or Teacher and use AMD with others. On this short course you will receive an attunement that will open and align your healing channels and create a sacred bond with a specific Angel who will join with you to aid and support your self-healing and personal growth and self-understanding from that point forwards. It offers an amazingly simple yet effective tool to enable you to connect and work closely with any of the Angels and Archangels, and teaches you a simple non-contact Healing technique that you can use with family, friends and pets.



Reiki is an excellent starting point for anybody who is beginning to "open up", and/or who is interested in developing their own innate healing skills for use as a Professional Practitioner, or simply for their own or their family's personal healing and growth. It also enhances any other therapy, for those that already are working with subtle energies. In just 2 days you can be attuned to the energies and learn how to start working with them safely and competently for yourself, family or friends as a Reiki 1 healer. Reiki 2 Professional Practitioner level can follow (2 days), then Master Practitioner level (1 day); then finally Master Teacher level (2 days) completes the training for those that are drawn to share and/or teach this wonderful healing and growth system to others.
NOTE: 3 entry and advanced level workshops are also available to extend your practise (see section 2 below)


We do our best to host Healing Shares for all our Reiki and AMD students at our home in Bournemouth as often as we can (usually on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm onwards.) For dates in the current year go to our "Calendar at a Glance" page. Attendance is FREE, although donations to help cover refreshments costs are welcomed.


If you are interested in joining one of these groups please contact us advising which one giving your name, address and phone number and a current e-mail address. 
We will then place you on our waiting list - we need a minimum of 5 students to be able to run any of these courses.


Setting up and running a Reiki Practice (1 day)

Follow link for more information.

We have chosen to share our many years of experience as full-time complementary therapists and teachers with others by offering a 1 day workshop for anyone who is qualified to at least Reiki 2 level, who wishes to establish their own Reiki Practice.
On this one day course we will cover: the practicalities of setting up a Reiki business; the day-to-day issues of running a practice; Record taking and legal requirements - including client history and treatment records; Outline therapy sessions; and Dealing with a Healing Crisis, with visualisation techniques. A manual is included, along with a CPD if required.

Intuitive Working with Reiki (1 day)

Follow link for more information

We have chosen to share our many years of experience as practicing Reiki practitioners and therapists (and clairvoyants) with others by offering a 1 day workshop for anyone currently working as a Professional Reiki Practitioner who wishes to learn some additional useful techniques and extend their working knowledge of "hands-on" Reiki. You will need to have attained and assimilated Reiki 2 (Practitioner level) as a minimum.
On this one day course we will cover: Connecting and Working with Spirit Guidance; the Universal Rights of Challenge; Left/Right Balancing technique for diagnostics and closing a treatment session; Basic scanning techniques within the human subtle energy field, introducing intuitive and Guided working; and extended practise in "hands-on" diagnostics and intuitive Reiki healing. A manual is included, along with a CPD if required.

Advanced Intuitive Working with Reiki 
(2 days)

Follow link for more information

We have chosen to share our many years of experience as practicing Reiki practitioners and therapists with others by offering a 2 day workshop for anyone who has been working for some time as a Professional Reiki Practitioner. You will ideally need to have attained and assimilated Reiki level 3 (Master Practitioner) as a minimum, and be working regularly and intuitively with Reiki and/or other energy therapies.
On this two day course we will cover: Advanced scanning and diagnostic techniques within the human subtle energy field; Dealing with energetic anomalies within the human subtle energy field (includes advanced scanning and intuitive practise using Reiki) addressing: Thought-forms and Threads, Cords and Hooks, Holes, Tears and Damage in the Auric Field (relating to this life and Past Lives). There will be an emphasis on hands-on practical instruction and full practise of the techniques shown. An instruction manual is included, along with a CPD if required.

BEYOND 2012:
(22 part course)

In 2008 we first offered our "Way of Ascension" attended personal growth course, where we introduced a range of tools and techniques to help develop and clarify the 4th and 5th Dimensional Unified Light Body. This Ascension course has been taught to 3 groups of Lightworkers so far, and over the last 4 years its energies have been refined and amplified. Don't think that it is ever too late to take this training! It will lead you to work deeply and intensely with your Lotus of the Heart and Lotus of the Soul, gradually clearing and expanding your energies and connecting you to the Highest Rays of the Diamond Light with a view to you connecting with your 5th Dimensional Light Body and accepting your potential for Personal Ascension. The course comprises 22 x 1-day sessions in total and runs over a 30 month period. It is presented under the guidance of Archangelic, Ascended and Cosmic Masters through a series of teachings that include profound guided visualisations and journeying. We accept people on this fast-track course at any current level of metaphysical understanding, as long as you are fully committed to the process. To find out more about Ascension and to read about the Rays and the Lotuses of the Heart and Soul follow this link to our Lightworkers website and look under the heading "Ascension: Personal".


If you are interested in hosting one of these workshops please contact us telling us which you are interested in, along with your name, address and phone number and a current e-mail address. 
You will need a suitable teaching space or good-sized room in your home that will be able to seat a minimum of 8 people in comfort, and you will be responsible for providing the space and arranging all aspects of the workshop, including the attendees and refreshments. In return the host will be given a FREE PLACE on the workshop. 
We need a minimum of 6 students - including the host - (maximum of 12) to be able to run any of these workshops.

(2 days - can be extended to 4 days)


Our Ascended Master workshop gives you the opportunity to meet and work with some of the 24 Ascended Masters who are part of our teaching set. You will do this through journeying and visualisation, supported and enhanced by special crystal energy grids. These grids are gifts channelled to Mark by each Ascended Master that bring with them particular vibrational energies that can work on many aspects of your growth and development. The workshop will help you become more aware of Ascended Master energies and be open to receive their gifts, wisdom, love and guidance. Each half-day section has a theme within which each group of Masters asks to work with you. These are: Working with aspects of Balance; Working with the Heart Centre; Working to Cleanse, Transform and Transmute Negativity; and Preparations for Moving to the Next Dimensions.

(2 days)


Our Elementals workshop gives you the opportunity to meet and work with the Elementals. You will do this using crystal grids and guided visualisations, and by journeying within. It will introduce you to the Directors of the Elementals and to the delightful Beings who work with the elements of earth, air, fire and water - the gnomes, sylphs, salamanders and undines. They all have a great deal to teach you and much support to offer in your daily lives, as well as being there for input, help and guidance about healing and balancing all of the natural elements in, upon and surrounding our planet, Earth. The workshop will also aim to explain how and why the elements and the Elementals function as they do, and connect you with the Directors of the Elementals themselves - Pelleur and Prosperina; Aries and Thor; Neptune and Luara and Oromasis and Diana.

(2 days - can be extended to 4 days)


On this 2-day (or 4-day) Archetypes of Ancient Egypt workshop you will be working with some of the 22 Gods, Goddesses and Archetypal energies of Ancient Egypt that have stepped forwards to offer their support for the purposes of the workshop. The days will include journeying and visualisation with the assistance of crystal grids composed specifically for the purposes of the workshop. It will be especially helpful for those who have had Egyptian past-lives or who work with Egyptian guides. Interestingly we are also finding many of these Archetypal energies coming forwards to assist with our Ascension teachings at this time. Each half-day (or day) section has a theme within which each group of Archetypes asks to work with you. These are: Preparation and Planning; Clearing and Balance; Knowledge through Introspection; and Initiation and Change.

(2 days - can be extended to 4 days)


Using visualisations and crystal templates our Celestial Journeys workshop helps you experience celestial energies from stars and star systems within our galaxy, many well-known and recognisable in our skies at night. These are gifts from the Cosmos and the Ascended Masters of our Solar System which bring particular vibrational energies that will work on many aspects of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Selves. They will also strengthen your connection to the network of help and support available from our brothers and sisters of the Stars, especially now the gates have been opened to permit us to have much closer contact and liaise with our Starry Allies. Each section (half-day) will have a theme within which each group wants to work: Balancing, Healing and Grounding; Taking Healing and Balance Further; Finding Your Path Forwards; and Grounding Clarity to Enhance Understanding.


These courses / workshops are currently in the development stage.  
As soon as they are complete and we can add them to our schedule the lists on this page and our newsletters will be updated. 
If you are interested in attending any of them once they are ready please contact us telling us which you are interested in, along with your name, address and phone number and a current e-mail address. We will then file your request and notify you as soon as anything is ready for release and/or scheduled.


(2-day attended workshop)

This workshop, which will work with the Lady Master Quan Shih Yin, The Dragon Master, NagaChohan, and with archetypal Dragon energy under the guidance of the Dragons of the Rainbow Realm, is currently under construction. It is anticipated that the workshop will include working with our Crystal Dragon Skulls to help you understand more about the concept of Light and its administration in the process of Co-creation and manifestation, and about the nature of our Divine Selves, through the frequencies of Black and White Light and an understanding of the nature of the "Pearl Beyond Price".
(Web-page still in development - no links yet available)

(2 day attended workshop)

The Lotus of the Heart two-day workshop will work with four pairs of Archangelic twin-flames through a series of Guided Visualisations. These Great Archangelic Beings will help you ground, energise and balance the three-fold Flames of your heart - thus awakening your awareness to The Lotus of your Heart.

N.B: The distance learning courses mentioned in pages previously are being replaced by a series of work-books / journey-books that we are in the process of writing. By making this profound work available in this way it is hoped that many more people will be able to afford to align with these energies, both as individuals and/or within a mutually supportive group setting with like-minded people.


Unfortunately our diary and other commitments do not currently allow time to teach or offer all the workshops or courses listed below: however we will try to schedule them as soon as time permits, if there is enough interest. If you are interested in any of them please contact us telling us which you are interested in, and give your name, address and phone number and a current e-mail address. We will then file your request and notify you as soon as we have sufficient interest to schedule it (we need a minimum of 4 students per course / workshop).


(3-day or 6 x evening or half-day

This will be a busy and very full introductory Crystal Healing workshop, demonstrating how to choose and look after gemstones and crystals, and to start to work with them in a responsible fashion. It will provide a condensed introduction to the concept of working with colour, vibrational tools and subtle energy and will outline how our physical and non-physical bodies (i.e. the chakras and subtle auric layers) are all connected. There will be plenty of hands on practical work involved, and you will learn how to perform a simple crystal healing treatment with four different components - for yourself, family or friends. A basic crystal "starter pack" will be included in the fee.

(4-day or 8 x evening or half-day sessions)

This short Crystals and Energy-Work workshop is aimed at those who already know the correct methods of looking after crystals, and who have started to work with them with confidence. You will need to already understand the basic concept of the aura, the chakras and the subtle body systems, and be able to work with a dowsing pendulum. The 8 session workshop will provide in-depth information about the 7 major linear chakras, and show how to work with them in a healing situation using crystals and crystal templates. It is a useful follow on to the introductory workshop (above) but attendance on that workshop is not a requirement if you already have the skills outlined above. This workshop may well also interest those who have already acquired a basic working knowledge of crystals and who work in other fields of "energy work" where a deeper understanding of the chakras would be useful.

(3-day or 6 x evening or half-day sessions)

This short "Intuitive" workshop is aimed at those who are already comfortable working with quartz in healing and self-development situations. The 6 session workshop will explore many types and forms of the wonderful quartz family from all around the world and show how to recognise these on a practical and energetic level, encouraging intuitive recognition and exploration. If you have some "psychic" skills and want to develop these in interaction with crystals, then this workshop may appeal to you. It is not necessary to have attended the other two workshops shown above, but it is rather "specialised" as not everyone will have the interest or abilities that will be appropriate for the workshop. It is perhaps much more for personal development / information gathering rather than for using directly in a healing situation.

(1 day workshop)

This "intuitive" Crystal workshop will give you the opportunity to experience the energies of some common, rare and unusual crystals both large and small. Whether you work with our large quartz Master crystals or with our tiny Satyaloka quartz points, you will learn that size does not really matter! You may also have the opportunity to hold and explore some of the more unusual crystals and minerals we stock, and find out what truly resonates with you - and perhaps why! Using visualisation, journeying and free writing the day will aim to help you expand your senses to enable you to listen to the stories and advice that the crystals have to give, and understand how to work in loving partnership and be able to communicate with all our crystal friends.

(1 day workshop)

If you work in any kind of healing or caring profession, or meet or mix with a wide range of people during your daily life, it would be of benefit to you to learn a little about how to take care of your energy field and system (aura and chakras). We have found that it is also of vital importance that all Light Workers and healers understand the need for effective energy protection in their daily and working lives. Too many are open to energies they would be better off without!  This workshop introduces you to the whys and wherefores of energy protection - what it is, why it is needed and how you may do it. It will suggest, demonstrate and teach some effective cleansing and clearing routines plus show you techniques for cleansing and protecting both your Self and your home and work place.

"It is our responsibility to point out that our work as teachers, facilitators and therapists is a personal expression of our Spiritual beliefs and practices and presents our interpretation of the knowledge and understanding we have gained through studying various complementary therapies over many years. Our workshops, courses and talks offer an opportunity to share our personal experience with others and to facilitate the possibility for individuals working with us to recognise their own potential on their very personal journey. Any advice or guidance we give through our teaching, therapy or personal interaction with individuals should be followed only if an individual chooses to do so of their own free will and we acknowledge and honour each person's right to discern if they wish to embrace within their lives the things we offer, or not. We charge only for our time, venue facilities and the preparation of any materials used during the sessions." Hilary and Mark; 8/7/2008.

This statement is willingly made to uphold the legal requirement of the Consumer Protection Regulations (2007) that incorporates an "Unfair Commercial Practices Directive", which means that from 2008 all Mediums, Healers, Psychics and any other Spiritual services will become subject to consumer law.