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This Angelic Multidimensional Healing System (AMD) and complete 4-level/5 stage Practitioners and Teachers course has been developed under the charge and support of a group of Eminent Beings of Light, including The Melchisadek, Archaeon Metatron, Uriel and Michael and Archangel Tzadkiel. This page tells you a little about AMD training and the levels and stages involved. Full "Course Information Sheets" for each course are available on request.


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"angel-heart" healing -

A new Angelic Multidimensional Healing 2-day "attended" course has been created, which is aimed at those who would like to be attuned into the basic AMD system in order to work with the Realms of the Angelics for their own personal healing and growth (and for their family and friends), but who might not wish to take the more intensive training (see sections below) that would qualify them to become a Professional AMD Practitioner/Teacher and use AMD for the benefit of the general public. Accordingly this is not a certificated course, but you will receive a certificate of completion.

On this 2 day course you will receive an attunement that will open and align your healing channels and create a sacred bond with an Angel who has elected to join with you to aid and support your personal growth, healing and self-understanding from that point forwards. This accordingly offers you a life-enhancing opportunity to work actively on your self-growth in a fully safe and energetically supported manner in accordance with your Highest needs at that time. It also offers an amazingly simple yet effective tool that will enable you to connect and work closely on a very personal level with any of the Angels and Archangels, some of whom you will be introduced to on the course. You will also be shown a simple non-contact "Angel-Heart" Healing technique that you can use with your family members and friends, with no need for conscious direction of the energies to be given by you - your aim will simply to be a clear and purposeful focus for those energies. 

On the course you will:


The  full Professional (Practitioner and Teacher) training is in four parts:

The first four stages (three levels) of the Professional Practitioner and Teacher training course are taught in person over nine full days to ensure that sufficient time and space is given to practise all the techniques and understand and assimilate what is being given and learnt; the final stage is offered only to experienced Teachers and is a non-attended "home study" module. Each level includes a very comprehensive training manual in colour (each of up to 95 pages, depending on course level), and is fully certificated. A Continuing Professional Development certificate is also available for each course.

feedback from some students about OUR AMD courses:

"AMD is everything that I have been looking for and more. The support and care which was given during the training from Mark and Hilary was amazing.  AMD is a MUST for all serious Energy / Light workers and their ongoing development. Thank you so very much both of you for both writing and teaching this wonderful process."

"The attunements were amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the course; giving and receiving treatments, and sending distance healing. The structure and content of the course was fantastic and you both were really great trainers."

"I couldn't imagine a clearer, more comprehensive, professional and fun course, providing the practitioner with the skills and confidence to practise a wide ranging and powerful healing system appropriate for all. Thank you!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am looking forward to moving on to the next stage. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in healing. Well done Hilary and Mark, and thank you once again."

"Mark and Hilary give me every confidence that I am receiving the best possible teaching, support and advice both during the course and afterwards."


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Completing this course will enable you to practise as a Professional AMD Practitioner

On this course you will:


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This course will continue to enhance your link with your Healing Angel that was formed at Practitioner level, and will deepen and extend your Angelic Multidimensional Healing practise. 

On this course you will:


This course will enable you to learn to teach AMD to others at Pre-practitioner, Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels. 

On this course you will:

Once proficiency has been gained as a Master Teacher in teaching and attuning others to Practitioner / Master Practitioner level you may apply to extend your teaching to include the Master Teacher course, by completing further training in order to receive certification from the School to teach all four stages of AMD as a Full Teaching Master.



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