a mandala of crystals
Crystal Mandala by Hilary © for the School 2004

This page brings you information about an introductory workshop into healing and working with crystals. If you would like to learn how to choose, care for and begin to work with healing crystals then this course will start you off with the basics, and perhaps spark an interest in pursuing a career as a crystal healer / energy worker, or simply give you more confidence as you interact safely and more closely with your crystal friends.

This will be a busy and very full introductory level workshop, demonstrating how to choose and look after gemstones and crystals, and to start to work with them in a responsible fashion. It will provide a condensed introduction to the concept of working with colour, vibrational tools and subtle energy and will outline the how our physical and non-physical bodies (i.e. the chakras and subtle auric layers) are all connected.

There will be plenty of hands on practical work involved, and you will learn how to perform a simple crystal healing treatment with four different components for yourself, family or friends. The workshop can be run over 3 days (which do not need to be consecutive) or over 6 half-day or evening sessions.

Cost £225/£240 (£75 per day; £40 per half-day / evening) to include handouts, a "starter pack" of crystals and refreshments.