Please note that as we teach at our private residence we are not arranging any courses / workshops until all restrictions upon other people visiting our home are lifted.
Reiki and AMD practise and attunements (other than the 'Angel-Heart Healing' course) all require close physical contact, and we feel that the current 'rules' regarding PPE, social distancing and strict anti-transmission protocols make it impractical to teach as comprehensively as we would do normally.
As soon as the situation changes we will update this notification, and clarify our teaching criteria moving forwards.

Mark and I are very aware of all that we have learned (and how much we have changed!) since setting out on this path over 25 years ago, and - to all those who have worked, taught, shared and learned with us over the years - we want to say a massive 'thankyou'... we would not be who we are today without you!