SHORT workshops and

Deity holding rose quartz
Amitayus and Moldavite
picture © Inner Light 2008

This page tells you about some short courses and workshops available to be taught as evening or daytime classes. We can also put together tailor-made courses / series of short workshops from any elements that we offer in our range of courses and workshops, for those who have specific gaps in their knowledge that they wish to fill, or who have very specific requirements. We are also happy to run classes for your centre or group, or provide one-to-one private teaching and tutorials for those who wish to study any of these subjects in depth or in a concentrated block, or expand their existing knowledge base with post-graduate study. Contact us for a chat!

Introduction to Healing with Crystals is aimed at the absolute beginner, or those who may have just started to use crystals, but want to know more about them. The 6 session course starts from scratch, and by the end of the course should enable you to perform a very basic crystal healing session for yourself, family or friends. It will also encourage you to become aware of subtle energies, and will aim to help you become more confident about working with your intuition, and with using a crystal pendulum. It will include basic information about colour, the chakras and auric bodies as well as how to select and look after healing crystals. It is for anyone who is drawn to picking up crystals and wants to know how to start to work and interact with them safely and wisely.

Working with Crystals and the Chakras is aimed at those who already know the correct methods of looking after crystals, and who have started to work with them with confidence. You will also need to understand the basic concept of the aura, the chakras and the subtle body systems, and be able to work with a dowsing pendulum. The 8 session course will provide in-depth information about the 7 major chakras, and show how to work with them in a healing situation using crystals and crystal templates. It is a useful follow on to the introductory course (below) but attendance on that course is not a requirement if you have the skills outlined above. This course may well also interest those who have already acquired a basic working knowledge of crystals and who work in other fields of "energy work" where a deeper understanding of the chakras is useful.

Many Faces of Quartz is aimed at those who are comfortable working with quartz in both healing and self-development situations. The 6 session course will explore many types and forms of the wonderful quartz family from all around the world and show how to recognise these on a practical and energetic level, encouraging intuitive recognition and exploration. If you have some "psychic" skills and want to develop these in interaction with crystals, then this course may appeal to you. It is not necessary to have attended the other two courses shown above, but it is rather "specialised" as not everyone will have the interest or abilities that will be appropriate for the course. It is much more for personal development / information gathering rather than for using directly in a healing situation.

Introducing the Elementals will offer a short 4 session introductory course using unique crystal grids channelled to Mark and will include guided visualisations and journeying within as well as linking with elemental energy using directed crystal energy grids. It will introduce you, via the Directors of the Elementals, to the delightful Beings who work with the elements of earth, air, fire and water - the gnomes, sylphs, salamanders and undines. They have a great deal to teach us and much support to offer us in our daily lives, as well as being there for input, help and guidance in our work to help heal and balance all of the natural elements in, upon and surrounding our planet, Earth.

The cost of each course depends on its length, but our usual rates are £40 per person per half-day or evening session; £70 per full day. We provide handouts and all materials needed, and refreshments if we are hosting the workshop / course.