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NEW FOR 2017:

It has been decided to replace a previously proposed "distance learning course" with my award-winning book 'WALKING WITH ARCHANGELS'. 
This 400+ page hardback book is designed to be used by anyone, regardless of where they live AND regardless of their current stage of understanding and growth. As such, it is a self-led learning tool, aimed at profound self-healing and personal growth, which will be Guided and overseen by 26 Archangels and Archeia - with the aid of 78 Animal Spirit Guides; 78 Crystal Guides; and 52 Greenwood Guardians (trees). All you need to do is purchase a copy of the book - and then work through it, following the guidance given within all its pages. You may also be drawn to use it in a 'Book Club' scenario with like-minded people, so that you may share your experiences (and support) as you go along. 

The book costs £25 (plus delivery) - even so, this will be less than the cost of a 1-day workshop!
It will:

Give you the opportunity to meet and bond with:
Azrael and Magdalena, the Lady Mercy; Chamuel and Seraphina, the Lady Charity; Gabriel and Annunciata, the Lady Hope; Haniel and Maryllisa, the Lady Radiant; Jophiel and Lucida, the Lady Clarity; Metatron and Sophia, the Lady Constance; Michael and Mikaela, the Lady Faith; Raphael and Mareia, the Lady Virtue; Sandalphon and Shekhinah, the Lady Patience; Tzadkiel (Zadkiel) and Amethystia, the Lady Purity; Uriel and Aurora, the Lady Grace; Tzaphkiel and Okina, the Lady Liberty and Ratziel and Jochara, the Lady Victory.

Each of the 26 chapters in the journey-book will also:
Guide you through three Archangelic mentoring sessions, one of which will include an initiation that will take the form of an energetic template transfer. This will leave symbolic energy templates within your energy field, thus ensuring that those energies are available to you at all times. Each transfer and template will have the potential for profound changes at heart and soul level, and will bring new levels of Light and healing Energy through to yourself and the Planet at these times of great need.

AND include:
Specific aid offered by members of the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms, giving unique insights into a total of 78 crystals; 78 animal totems and 52 tree spirit guardians. This may be of particular interest to those with shamanic interests, and/or those who work with animals, crystals and trees.

To obtain your copy (and for special deals and more information) follow this link: BUY BOOK 
To find out more about what the book holds follow this link: KNOW MORE


You will find lots more information about each of these Archangels on our sister site, www.innerlightworkers.co.uk
And more information about the book on our publishing site, unityconsciousnessbooks.com.