"ascension -
beyond 2012"

rainbow book
"The Golden Light of Universal Consciousness"
shown to Mark in © December 2007

This page will tell you a little about this course "Ascension - 2012 and Beyond" first launched in 2008 under the heading "Way of Ascension", which brings new techniques, information and understanding as we work towards our personal (and hence planetary) Ascension. It includes working with and grounding the fullness of the Divine Light within our energy system and working on our own self-healing and self-growth under the guidance of a range of Light-Beings, including Ascended and Cosmic Masters, Archaeon, Archangels and other Archetypal energies, including those from Ancient Egypt. Although 2012 is now past, it is never too late to take this apprenticeship! The full course will run over 22 sessions. To learn more about Ascension see our Lightworkers website.


In December 2007 we attended an event that confirmed the need for us to extend our work (which had included some "Preparing for Ascension" teachings) to encourage as many people as possible to actively work towards their own Personal Ascension, thus aiding Planetary Ascension. I was taken by six of the Archaeon to see attributes and gifts that we are to use as a part of their new teachings, and Mark was shown the picture at the head of this page, and told this:

They who seek the truth will be given the knowledge.
They who gain the knowledge will be given the wisdom to use it.
With the wisdom comes the Light.
And all who achieve this wisdom can hold the Light for all about them.
Many will be needed to hold the Light, as without you cannot all progress.
And progression is your aim; your future; your reason for existence.
Look now with eyes that see the Light, and the path will be revealed.

If these words resonate with you, then perhaps it is appropriate that you attend this course!


The "Ascension - Beyond 2012" series is primarily aimed towards personal healing, wholeness, balance and accelerated spiritual growth. Throughout the series of monthly / bi-monthly workshops we will facilitate access to a greater understanding of embodied humanity's True spiritual and energetic nature and the plan some call "Ascension", and show ways of working with various tools and techniques to help all sentient life and our planet at this important period in Earth's spiritual history. The aim is always to encourage each attendee to practise working with the new skills learnt, so each may become strong and self-sufficient in their own way of working, whilst sharing experiences and realisations with others, so all grow and learn together. For many this will be a time of "apprenticeship" (supported by Ascended and Cosmic Masters, Archaeon, Archangels and Ancient Archetypal energies) as they move towards acquiring balance and discernment in all things and so realise their full, and True, potential as Universal Beings of Light.

As we have advanced spiritually as a planet, greater and finer quantum of Light energy is being made available to us and humanity is being asked to ground specific Cosmic and Universal Ray energies in order to help prepare for our Spiritual Birth into the new Dimensions. Preparing those with a calling to manifest Higher Vibrational Energies on Earth at this important time, the course material will accordingly include accessing the Higher Gem Rays (connected with the Ten Sacred Rays of our Solar System) through intent and manifestation. Two important themes we will work with are centred around the Lotus of the Heart in the first year, and the Lotus of the Soul in the second year, which form the basis of the work required in order to develop awareness of our 4th and 5th Dimensional Light Bodies.

Due to the nature of the course, one-off workshops cannot be offered to those not wishing to attend the full course. It is not necessary to be experienced in spiritual matters / metaphysics / Light-work to enrol, but it is important that a high level of commitment to your spiritual growth and Light-body development is demonstrated. Hence attendees will be expected to be present at all the sessions.

Cost: £75 per session - payable one month in advance by standing order.


Humanity is generally only aware of their existence here in this place and time, in this 3rd Dimensional world. However all that is "here" in this physical world also has energy matrices that exist concurrently in the 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions (and Higher). In fact "we" too exist as energy Beings simultaneously in EVERY Dimension, for the Dimensions merely equate to levels of Consciousness or awareness. As souls we may choose to experience different degrees and states of consciousness in order to experience and view Divinity from every conceivable focal point. In this way we utilise the characteristics of many different Dimensions in order to learn and grow with diverse viewpoints and within multiple realities. For the purposes of this (3rd Dimensional) existence the "illusion" of time is a necessary construct as this aspect of our Soul goes through the birth and death process for each lifetime we undertake, thus retaining no conscious memory of all that we are learning in other existences, and so that we may understand anew the Laws of Cause and Effect.

Raising our vibrational rate to achieve what some call "Ascension" is NOT actually a process of raising our frequency - i.e. vibrating solely at the "higher" end of the spectrum of visible Light  through taking our awareness to the "upper" energy centres. Rather it should be expressed as developing our ability to hold and carry escalating quantum of Light. Ascension is essentially an evolutionary change through expansion and extension of the frequency at which the atoms of our physical body vibrate, in order to be able to easily move at Will (change our conscious awareness) within and between the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions. This ability to hold and carry increasing quantum of Light, and the subsequent transformation of our physical body into a body of Light, frees this aspect of our Soul from the cycle of physical birth and death, enabling us to merge with our Higher selves and retain and utilise all our experiences and understanding throughout many different planes of reality.

As we learn to use Light in all its aspects and gain understanding of how it functions we become able to use it as a conscious co-creative aspect of the Divine. And thus as we become more able to hold or carry the Light in its purest form so our Light quotient increases. As an integral part of this process we need therefore to CLARIFY, EXPAND, BALANCE and ASSIMILATE our multi-dimensional energy bodies (chakras, energy centres and auric field). This process is one of becoming aware; of seeing truly; and of gaining understanding of all the aspects of our Self and its motivations in our current 3rd Dimensional world experience, including those aspects of ourself that are not operating fully in the Light. As we encounter these "dark" aspects and understand their nature and purpose so we reconcile with them and at the point of recognition and acceptance the Light falls upon them and they become transformed into active elements of white light and thus contribute to raising our Light quotient still further.

Many envisage the event of "Ascension" as being a movement "up / out" of our current existence, or being a happening that will "take / transport" us to another place. However once we understand that all Dimensions occupy the same "space", we will realise that Ascension is actually related to our body's Light quotient and to our perception and degree of conscious awareness, which in turn determine the nature of our reality and planes of experience. And thus it is this raising of our Light quotient that this "Way of Ascension" course is focused around.