a large cathedral crystal
Cathedral Quartz Crystal
Photo © Mark Brittain 2008

This page brings you information about our "Communicating with Crystals" one-day workshop (sometimes known as "meet the big boys"!) It will give you the opportunity to work hands-on with some of our larger quartz family Master crystals, and learn a variety of ways in which you can communicate with them, as well as with other types and sizes of crystal. By the end of the day you will be amazed at how much information you are able to find out!

This workshop will give you the opportunity to experience the energies of some rare and unusual crystals both large and small. Whether we work with our large quartz Master crystals or with our tiny Satyaloka quartz points, you will learn that size does not really matter! You may also have the opportunity to hold and sense some of the more unusual crystals and minerals we stock, and find out what resonates with you - and perhaps why!

Using visualisation, journeying and free writing the day will aim to help you expand your senses to enable you to listen to the stories and advice that the crystals have to give us, and to understand how we can learn to work in loving partnership with all our crystal friends.

Bring one of your favourite crystals to learn how to bond with it more closely and mutually benefit from its' energy and knowledge. Understanding how to safely bond with your own crystals will enable you to more easily work with them in the way that suits you best, and that will benefit your personal growth.

Cost £70 to include handout and refreshments.