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This page brings you information about our "Crystal Journeys to the Stars" workshop. If you know or want to know where your Star Roots are join us for the opportunity to find out more, and see how the constellations and stars we see in our night skies can help us in our lives at this time of great change for all inhabitants of our planet, Earth. We will be working with a selection from Alpha Centauri, Sirius, the Pleiades, Polaris, Hydra, Cassiopeia, the Milky Way, Arcturus, Pegasus, Orion, Altair, Andromeda, Antares, the Plough, Lyra and Vega. 

We will be using visualisations and crystal grids / templates to experience a wide variety of celestial energies from stars and star systems within our galaxy, many well-known and recognisable in our skies at night. These templates, channelled through Mark, are gifts from the Cosmos and the Ascended Masters of our Solar System which bring particular vibrational energies that will work on many aspects of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Selves. They will also strengthen our connection to the network of help and support available from our brothers and sisters of the Stars, especially now the gates have been opened to permit us to have much closer contact and liaise with our Starry Allies. 

The 2 day workshop will be divided into 4 sections and these will each have a particular purpose and you will be able to choose one star system / star to work with in each section. Alternatively the 2-day workshop can be extended to cover more and run over 4 days.

Part 1:

The first sets of layouts are aimed at balancing, healing and / or grounding. One of our first priorities as we progress is to firstly seek to make ourselves whole and complete, and then to ensure that we are well-grounded on Earth. Only by being so are we able to channel through the energy and information that will help up with our lives and our missions:

Alpha Centauri: This layout balances and harmonises the lower chakras and stabilises any over-energised higher chakras. To be fully grounded enhances all our life / spiritual experiences and helps us learn from and integrate our lessons properly. The layout also has links symbolically to Chiron (in Greek mythology, the tutor to the Gods) the teacher and wounded healer. This description may apply to many of us!
Sirius: The prime purpose of this layout is to energise and move a stuck or poorly functioning base or sacral chakra. The proper functioning of the lower chakras is essential to our stable and balanced functioning in everyday life. Being balanced and grounded is particularly important now, because of all the changes happening around us on an energetic level and to our planet herself.
Pleiades: This layout (one of three) is for energising and balancing the body and bringing it to a state of potential, from which learning can be acquired and retained.
Polaris: This layout brings balance and harmony to us on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and throughout our auric bodies readying us for our journey. One option will add an element of energising and uplifting, whilst the other is grounding and removes any sensation of "spaciness".
Hydra: This layout is for defence and / or repair. One option increases the body's natural defences, both physical (immune system) and psychic. The other option allows for actual repair to be made if these defences are damaged. (You can also use one after the other to strengthen defences following repair.) If we don't have to expend energy on repair to our energy bodies, we will have more time and energy available for self-growth and progress.

Part 2:

The second set of layouts take the healing and balance a step further. We all hang on to old negative patterns and karmic burdens, which we would be best served by coming to terms with and removing from our energy fields. They are also to do with forgiveness and love of the self and of others and with having the courage to open ourselves fully to love and be loved. We are all special with gifts to offer and we need to meet, get to know and accept our true selves, without artifice or disguise:

Cassiopeia: The layout is to do with the cleansing of old negative patterns and clearing of karmic debts, burdens and patterns that no longer serve us. It is connected to rebirth and starting out again with a clean slate. There must however be a willingness on behalf of the participant to let go of old "stuff" and consequently this can be an emotionally intense and / or clearing layout.
Milky Way: This layout (one of two) is predominantly calming. It will lower raised emotions and heal emotional wounds, bringing a healing balm to the mind and spirit. It also allows space and energy for us to forgive our Self and / or others for wrongdoings.
Arcturus: This layout brings emotional stability. It increases our sense of well being, boosts self-belief and enhances our self-confidence. This in turn makes us more certain and positive about our path and role in life, and we may find clarity about our path comes with this layout.
Orion's Belt - 11:11 Gateway: This layout gives a glimpse of the possibilities that growth and ascension may bring us, and perhaps to show us as we truly are.
Pegasus: This layout is for astral travel or for remote viewing in this current 3rd dimension. It allows for a smoother and easier OB experience, helping us leave the body more easily. Using hematite provides a more solid link to the physical body if you are not confident about your ability to return to your body again! The layout may help us if we want to travel to understand more about ourselves, our world or our origins.

Part 3:

We all have a need to be happy and to be content. Finding and following our path which was mapped out by and for us before our birth in this lifetime will help us be content. Unfortunately with birth comes forgetfulness, and we may have lost sight of our mission which was once so clear to us. We do have help to find our way though, through contact with our Higher Selves, or inner or outer world Guides and helpers. These layouts may help us if our way is unclear, or if we have questions about what we are doing that need answers, or if we need help or advice of any kind.

Altair: This layout is very spiritual. It may help us determine our Life Purpose and enables us to ask questions regarding our Path or raise queries around other spiritual matters concerning our journey.
Andromeda: This layout is to do with clearing the mind and bringing enlightenment. It helps us find the answers to many types of questions, helps us clear and deal with worries of all kinds and also helps us find our way forward when we are unsure of our path.
Antares: Primarily mentally, emotionally and spiritually cleansing and refreshing this layout refreshes the tired and dis-spirited and is a spiritual pick-me-up. It also helps those who have lost their way or become disillusioned about their life or path.
Milky Way: This layout is essentially a soul-purpose layout. It may be used for finding or recalling ones path. In effect it returns us to the state prior to birth when we were still conscious of our plans. It is also very protective and nurturing.
Orion: In mythology Orion represents the hunter, and this layout is for "seekers" (or hunters). It will help in finding all manner of things - such as lost energy, lost possessions, lost people, out-of-sight goals, and lost purposes. If the solution is not to be found "within" the Self, then it will take you "without" (OB) to find it.

Part 4:

The final set of layouts provide for a tying up of "loose ends" and gives us the space to gain help from outside sources or bring us to a state of introspection that may help clarify or enhance information we have gained over the 2 days. This is our chance to formulate plans that will take us forward over the following months. Where necessary the layouts may also calm and centre the mind if there has been a lot to assimilate over the earlier sessions.

Plough: This layout helps with just that and is simply for centering and clearing the mind. It allows the mind to be cleared of any unwanted chatter and lets us focus clearly and easily on any problems.
Pleiades: This layout (two of three) is to enhance communication with others outside ourselves, such as guides, those in spirit, angels and ETs.
Pleiades: This layout (three of three) is to enhance communication with the inner and Higher Self - the High part of us that always remains aware and in contact with our innate essence.
Lyra: This layout brings "order out of chaos". It will help clear confusion, removes doubts and will correct mis-understandings of all kinds. It is also very calming to the mind. A free and clear mind helps us with our expansion process.
Vega: The function of this layout is generally similar to Lyra's (clears confusion, removes doubts and clarifies misunderstandings) but is more specific in that it stops garrulousness! It enables one to slow down and think before speaking or acting, enhancing forethought and preventing "foot in mouth" syndrome.

Cost £140 for 2-days; £280 for 4 days - to include handout and refreshments.