crystal journeys
WITH THE Elementals

buddha, orbs and water at stapehill abbey
Stapehill Gardens - photo © Mark Brittain 2006

This page brings you information about our workshop, "Crystal Journeys with the Elementals". We have been working closely with the Elementals for several years now, and their tireless dedication to serving and working with humanity never fails to amaze us. Go to our Light-workers site and read some of our journal extracts from our Planetary Healing Group, the Order of the Blue Lotus, to see why!
Now YOU will have the opportunity to meet the gnomes, sylphs, undines and salamanders and see what they are able to teach you too.

We are offering a two day (or 4 session / evening) introductory workshop using crystal grids channelled to Mark and including guided visualisations and journeying within. It will introduce you, via the Directors of the Elementals, to the delightful Beings who work with the elements of earth, air, fire and water - the gnomes, sylphs, salamanders and undines. They have a great deal to teach us and much support to offer us in our daily lives, as well as being there for input, help and guidance in our work to help heal and balance all of the natural elements in, upon and surrounding our planet, Earth. The workshop will also aim to explain how and why the elements and the elementals function as they do, and allow us to meet with the Directors of the Elementals themselves - Pelleur and Prosperina; Aries and Thor; Neptune and Luara and Oromasis and Diana.

There are seven Kingdoms of Spiritual Evolution upon Earth (the first four of which are The Mineral Kingdom; The Plant Kingdom; The Animal Kingdom and The Kingdom of Humanity respectively), each of which has seven sub-levels. "Elementals" is a term that is used to refer to Beings who are at the dawn of a course of evolutionary growth, whose groundwork initiates the foundation of the seven Kingdoms.

Pelleur and Prosperina (Lady Virgo) the Directors of the Gnomes and hierarchs of the element of earth told us this:

"Within the Earth and without is our Kingdom. We focus the Rays deep within the ground, even unto the centre of the Earth and her very core. All that comes to Earth from Space - from sources near and far; of this Solar System and Galaxy and Universe and yea even of the Multiverse - are given to us for focus and grounding deeply within. Here all becomes a part of the energy that both surrounds and penetrates the planet, forming a complete and symbiotic living organism and energy system......... ..........The land contains the water, which shapes it as it ebbs and flows. The heat and fire of the molten core creates new terrain and changes the landscape. The winds carry change that passes through those landscapes, removing stagnation and bringing new life. All depend on the other. No single element can exist independently without resulting in either stasis or chaos - the two polarities of creation. So too is it with you, as your physical vehicle and etheric bodies move and work together, each cell and layer of which being as vital and important as the next to your functioning, growth and development........"

Finally, here is a quote from a piece we found titled "Paganism and the Elements", by Lady Shyra, which sums up what we are trying to achieve:

"........The forces of nature, the four elements of earth, air, water and fire, existed long before we made our appearance on this Earth. To some this makes the elements themselves our spiritual ancestors. At the very least they are our oldest teachers. We do not seek to subjugate the elements: instead we listen to the ancient harmonies they sing to us and attempt to deepen our understanding of their nature......"

Cost £140 to include handout and refreshments.