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AT LAST!!! My long-awaited 'Journey Book' is available for purchase. 'Walking with Archangels' is a hardback book with over 400 pages in it. It will guide you through a journey of work with 26 Archangels and Archeia - and contains completely new information that is presented in a very unique way: thus it will not be like anything you will find in any other books, and will not re-present information in books by other (perhaps more well-known) authors. It will also hold information and advice given by 78 Power Animals, 78 Crystals and 56 Tree-beings - so will be great for anyone with interests in more than 'just' Angels. It also (and primarily) offers a profound course for self-development, self-healing and growth; and would be ideal to use with a small group of like-minded people - perhaps meeting once a month to share experiences - although it is also suited to use as a purely self-led exercise. 

walking with archangels book cover

The book costs just £25 - so you can buy a complete course that will enable you to work with Archangels, Archeia, power animals, crystals and trees for less than the cost of a 1 day workshop!
To obtain your copy (and for special deals and more information) follow this link: BUY BOOK 
To find out more about what the book holds follow this link: KNOW MORE

On the crystal front we are off to buy new stock in May and June, so will be updating the shop soon after that. Mark has redesigned and updated ALL our websites to make them mobile-phone and tablet friendly. Why not have a look and see what you think of the new layout of the on-line shop... 

On the Therapies front, Mark is now scheduling most of his work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so that we have more time free to work on other projects. Once again he has found interest growing in the Tatic Harmonisation Technique - perhaps because the world's energies have been undergoing such rapid and drastic shifts! If you feel out of balance and/or disconnected, why not see if having a session of THT or Crystal Healing to help rebalance and align your Energy Bodies is what you need.

For all those who visit us, we have three new feline family members. All love being around our crystals - and joining in with Mark when he works! Freya and Kali are still very much in our hearts, but these three youngsters have all helped to fill the void, with their loving and playful nature. Maybe you will get to meet them too.... 

2017 Blessings!

Hilary & Mark