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The Angelic Multidimensional Healing System (AMD) and complete 4-level/5 stage Professional Practitioners and Teachers course was developed by us under the charge and support of a group of Eminent Beings of Light, including The Melchisadek, Archaeon Metatron, Uriel and Michael and Archangel Tzadkiel. All material is based upon our personal understandings acquired through many years experience in researching, writing and teaching courses and workshops on Archangels and Archaeon, Ascended and Cosmic Masters, Ascension, Subtle Energy Healing and Reiki. We have been teaching it since its inception in 2009; and this page tells you a little about what AMD is; how it came to be created; and about learning and progressing with AMD.

The system has its own dedicated website, which provides more details about AMD. You may also follow this link to learn more about the levels and training involved with us through the School, or contact us for a full "Course Information Sheet", stating which level you are interested in knowing more about.


The introductory "Angel-Heart" Healing course and the 4-level/5-stage Professional Practitioner and Teacher courses offer a powerful healing system, whereby Practitioners and Teachers work in union with the Angelic Realms to help bring about wholeness and balance on all levels for themselves and others.

The attunement processes prepare a Practitioner to start working with Angelic Beings of Light and establish a conscious and permanent link with the Angelic Dimension though a sacred bond or covenant created with a specific Angel of Light who has stepped forwards to always BE with them. Whereas in many 'traditional' hands-on-healing modalities a Practitioner acts as a channel for Divine / Universal energies, in AMD the energies of the Angelic and other Higher Dimensional Realms merge with those of the Practitioner to enable their energies to be directly present for the benefit of the recipient. The adjustment and  enhancement of the Practitioner's energy signature also allows other Higher Dimensional Healing Masters to merge if applicable, thus broadening the scope of the healing offered: this is because the Angelic and Higher Realms in their infinite wisdom know what is appropriate at all times to promote healing, wholeness and balance, and the Practitioner need simply act as a focus and facilitator for those energies to be made directly available to the recipient. Additionally, because all Multi-Dimensional Light-Beings are not restricted by time or space, any aspects which require rebalancing and adjustment can be addressed, enabling the release of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances as well as karmic and ancestral issues regardless of Dimension, time or space.

During an AMD Healing session the Angel of Light that has partnered with the Practitioner routinely brings through High frequency energy, which they adjust to enable the energetic merger to become possible. That Angel then monitors and supports the Practitioner's (and recipient's) energy field, judging their capacity to hold additional energies during a session and regulating the number and Power of other Beings that join in to promote and enhance the wellbeing of the recipient. This care of both the Practitioner and the recipient of the healing by the covenanted Angel is what makes the system safe for virtually anyone to work with or receive, regardless of their perceived level of experience or understanding. 

The requirements of the training are based around the fact that the quantum and frequency of the energy (Light) that can be held by any Practitioner for the benefit of its recipient remains limited by the clarity and capacity of that Practitioner's own energy field and frequency. Thus the ability to utilise those energies in the most effective way depends to a large extent on how much the Practitioner calling upon them works on their own clearance, healing and growth: this is one reason why commitment to self-improvement and self-healing is a required element of the system, especially for those wishing to extend their training to include Practitioner and/or Teaching Mastery, and why taking the next level only when sufficient experience of the ones before has been gained is so important. This is NOT a system that offers "Mastery" in one weekend!

how Amd came about:

The first seeds of AMD were sown in December 2007 when we were invited to participate in an event that grounded enhanced Archangelic energies to the Earth, in order to initiate and promote profound healing and growth, and assist planetary and personal Ascension. The Archangels and Archeia concerned Unified and were given a new title - that of "Archaeon" - to acknowledge that their roles had been extended to undertake the supervision and training of certain souls to ready them to take on more responsibility for themselves and their world. Many Light-bearers, Lightworkers and Light Warriors of Earth were then asked to accept more accountability for the growth and health of the Earth and all its sentient life-forms, and learn to assume charge of some of the assignments that were previously borne by the Angels and Archangels. One part of this entailed a co-operative project whereby humanity could learn once more to work hand-in-hand with the Angelic Realm - and thus Angelic Multidimensional Healing (AMD) was born.

Meanwhile... as a part of my personal on-going spiritual training and development I (Hilary) had completed training in early 2007 as an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and then focused single-mindedly on the processes I had been shown in order to enhance and clarify the experience that this method had gifted me for the benefit of those I was to teach. Over a period of 9 months I researched the system's background and worked with the methods I had learnt in order to develop my own teaching and learning materials and taught Angelic Reiki in this manner for 18 months. Then in 2009 some new regulations and conditions concerning the teaching processes were introduced, some of which as an experienced Energy-worker and Teacher I did not feel comfortable complying with. After much heart-searching I decided I was being called to "let go" of Angelic Reiki and completely re-address and restructure my teaching materials utilising the knowledge and experience gained through my own profound connections with Metatron and the Archangelic Realms. 

Thus over a period of another year I developed a new healing system which I named "Angelic Multidimensional Healing", feeling that this title encompassed the vastness of what can be achieved through the AMD system, whilst additionally acknowledging that how and what I was now teaching was definitely not the same as that which was taught to me under the banner of Angelic Reiki. Then, as I worked with Mark to develop the course further, we found that we were being asked to create a system that we believe and know to be deeper and more profound than anything we had encountered before, and which has to take into account the many changes that are happening to humanity and the planet on an energetic level as we work towards our own Ascension - even beyond 2012. Our Angelic Guides encouraged us to demand that Practitioners stretch themselves further than ever before and develop their 4th (and 5th and 6th) Dimensional energy systems in tandem with their Angelic Healing and Teaching Masters to foster this, and this is reflected in the magnitude of the attunement and healing processes that provide everyone with the opportunity to experience some truly amazing revelations on many levels. We were also asked to ensure that each stage of the Professional training be undertaken with full awareness and responsibility, ensuring that Practitioners and Teachers alike achieve a high standard of competence whilst also enabling them to take pride in knowing that they have accomplished something truly worthwhile and significant.

Learning and progressing with AMD - WHO; WHAT; WHEN:

The introductory level (Angel-Heart Healing) course is suitable for anyone who would like to work closely with the Angelic Realm for their own self-healing, self-growth and self-understanding, and who may also like to learn a simple healing technique that they may use on a non-professional basis to help and support their family and friends. It is an ideal and gentle introduction to AMD, enabling people to gain an understanding of how the system works and feels on a very basic level - it is not however a pre-requisite for those who wish to embark on the Professional training.

For anyone contemplating taking the first course (stage 1/2 - Practitioner level), pre-existing knowledge or experience of healing modalities or energy work is not a necessary requirement. Many people will be ready and able to accept the energies of stages 1 and 2 even if they have no apparent experience of energy work or healing, because the raising of an individual's vibratory rate does not always take place consciously or within an aware state. Practitioner level training often ignites a very deep and profound awakening on a core level and for many people this will be precisely the catalyst they require at that time, helping them find their path and recognise their True Self, whilst motivating their growth and initiating change on many levels.

Before proceeding to the Mastery courses, time is required for the Practitioner level energies to be assimilated and the material presented worked with and thoroughly understood. Assimilation time may vary greatly from person to person, but a minimum of 7-11 months (depending on experience) must elapse between taking the Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses to allow sufficient time for people to practise and understand the first principles before proceeding further. Those who are actively working on their spiritual and personal growth to help clear and extend their energy bodies will find that, as a consequence of their efforts, they are ready to move on and accept the Higher energies of stage 3 (and then 4 and 5) more quickly.

Similar principles apply between taking Master Practitioner and moving on to Master Teacher level, but less emphasis is placed upon time scales and more upon the person's understanding of, and proficiency in, the previous stages. All those wishing to teach AMD will need to show an understanding of all the processes learnt in the previous stages; demonstrate a respect for the Power of the energies being worked with; and be capable of holding and working with the High energies generated through this system before being accepted onto a Teacher's course.

Once sufficient time has elapsed and it is judged that sufficient practical experience of teaching students to stages 1-3 has been acquired it is possible to complete the full training programme and become a full Teaching Master of the AMD system.

feedback from some students about OUR AMD courses:

"The first day is about understanding and practicing concepts that are needed to undertake the work at this level and there is a detailed manual to support the course which is provided at this point. The information and practice is good preparation for what is to follow. The week gap between the first and second day is very valuable as it provides the opportunity to further practice what was learnt on the first day and to read the material which is comprehensive plus allows you to prepare questions to support your understanding. I had lots of questions on Day 2 and Mark and Hilary answered every question and provided extra explanations. The material was not at fault it was me getting 'my head around it'. The next two days was full of discussions, attunements and practice which were elating and illuminating. The practice is very valuable as everyone's experiences are different and having feedback from Mark and Hilary is very beneficial. You walk away from the course with new tools and understanding and of course further homework. Hilary and Mark provide a comfortable relaxed environment for you to understand, evolve and grow. They are both very experienced energy workers who share their knowledge with keenness and without ego. A lot of energy work needs to be based on trust and knowing. I trust both Hilary and Mark and know they have been there and done that, but they are still exploring and growing as hopefully are we all. If you wish to advance in your energy work I can thoroughly recommend this path."

"I cant say I didn't know what to expect before I studied AMD, because I did. Everything Mark and Hilary do is well researched and presented. Their professionalism is second to none, but they never lose their sense of humour. It has been a privilege to study this wonderful (full of wonder) healing system with the people who put so much thought, effort and love into developing it. Thank you, Mark and Hilary"

"AMD is everything that I have been looking for and more. The support and care which was given during the training from Mark and Hilary was amazing.  AMD is a MUST for all serious Energy / Light workers and their ongoing development. Thank you so very much both of you for both writing and teaching this wonderful process."

"The attunements were amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the course; giving and receiving treatments, and sending distance healing. The structure and content of the course was fantastic and you both were really great trainers."

"I couldn't imagine a clearer, more comprehensive, professional and fun course, providing the practitioner with the skills and confidence to practise a wide ranging and powerful healing system appropriate for all. Thank you!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am looking forward to moving on to the next stage. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in healing. Well done Hilary and Mark, and thank you once again."

"Mark and Hilary give me every confidence that I am receiving the best possible teaching, support and advice both during the course and afterwards."


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