a large cathedral crystal
Cathedral Quartz Crystal
Photo © Mark Brittain 2008

This page brings you some information about our one-day starter workshop aimed at those who are fascinated by the world of crystals and would like to understand some ways in which to choose them, care for them, bond with them, and commune with them.

IN THE MORNING you will learn how to choose crystals for yourself and others; understand the basics about cleansing crystals and their aftercare; and learn some simple techniques to enhance your energetic clarity and focus, which will help you bond and commune with your crystals more effectively.

IN THE AFTERNOON you will enjoy a guided visualisation that will help you learn to create a sacred space in which you may explore the subtle world of crystals confidently and safely; learn how to bond with crystals through visualisation; learn how to commune with crystals using a simple journeying technique and free writing.

If you wish, you can bring one of your favourite crystals to learn how to bond with it more closely and mutually benefit from its' energy and knowledge. Understanding how to safely bond with your own crystals will enable you to more easily work with them in the way that suits you best, and that will benefit your personal growth.

We have also set aside some wonderful crystals specifically for you to work with on this workshop - although our crystal shop has many other crystals to explore, if you feel like acquiring some new crystal companions!

Cost £100 to include handout and refreshments.
You will also be given a special discount of 15% on any crystals purchased on the day.
Minimum participants 2; maximum 6.