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This page gives you an overview of all our "Inner Light" websites. 

All "Inner Light" experiences are developed and overseen by soul partners and twin flames Hilary Hargreaves and Mark Brittain with the assistance and support of Light Beings, Angelics, Masters, Elementals and Spirit Guides.

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(www.innerlightworkers.co.uk) is a site devoted to bringing all Light-workers out there inspiration and help in learning and growing on their path. Includes information about the Archetypes of Ancient Egypt, Archaeons, Ascended Masters and Ascension plus support and other topics including tools for personal and planetary growth and healing.

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(innerlightcrystals.co.uk) offers a wide range of high quality minerals and crystals for sale. Whether you need a 50p tumble stone, or a huge specimen for £1500, why not see if we have what you need!

(www.angelicmultidimensionalhealing.co.uk) (developed by us - the School of Inner Light) official website, with the story behind the system, and complete details of training available, along with a Practitioner's and Teacher's Directory.