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We (Hilary and Mark of 'Inner Light') started our study and work within the field of vibrational, energetic, healing and spiritual disciplines in 1993. Our desire to share what we had learnt with others required us to take on a more active teaching role, and so - after almost 10 years of study and practise - in 2002 we founded the 'School of Inner Light'. Of course our own 'learning' never stopped (!), and we soon discovered that the more research we did as the courses we offered expanded, the more we found out; and the more we taught, the more we learnt from our students - which is just as it should be of course! Eventually, having moved from Dorset to our new home in rural West Wales - and having passed a few significant birthday 'milestones' (whilst also weathering the Coronavirus pandemic), in 2021 we decided it was time to pare down the wide-ranging curriculum we had previously offered, and focus on simply teaching Reiki and Angelic Multidimensional Healing, plus a few crystal-based starter workshops.
Djwhal Kuhl once pointed out to us that "...knowledge is a wheel, and wisdom is a circle. And thus as we teach, so do we learn, and as we learn, so do we teach..." ; similarly, another of our Guides once told us "...once the teacher has passed on all their knowledge to another, the other may take that knowledge and change it and return it back to the teacher, so that cycle upon cycle is repeated for all, and those who are guided now guide and those who guide are now guided..."
- and that is what we are still doing, even though our 'hands-on' teaching role encompasses much less than it once did.

About us:

mark and hilary
Mark & Hilary - Husband & Wife, Twin Flames & Soul Partners!

Hilary is a clairaudient and conscious channel who works closely with the Higher Realms of Spirit. She studied and worked in the field of complementary therapies and esoteric studies between 1993 and 2020, and was made a Fellow of the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists in 2017. Over the years she qualified as a Crystal Therapist; an AMD Teaching Master; an Aromatherapist and Bodywork Practitioner; an advanced EMF Balancing Technique Practitioner; and a Reiki Master Teacher of 4 systems. She holds a City & Guilds certificate for teaching adults, and in the past has taught introductory classes in crystal healing and associated subjects for her local Adult Learning department. She is now semi-retired, but still works as an AMD Teaching Master and a Reiki Master Teacher of the Tibetan/Usui system; and works closely with a group of Self-realised Ascended Beings known to her as 'Unity Consciousness' in researching ways in which to aid and support her own (and others') personal and spiritual growth. More recently she is channelling and writing books to pass on the knowledge and experience gained through her many years of writing and teaching courses and workshops based around personal spiritual growth, healing and transformation - the first of which (a 400+ page hard-back book called 'Walking With Archangels') was published in 2018 (see* below).

Mark is a trance channel, conscious channel and proficient out-of-body traveller with a natural affinity for working with multi-Dimensional Light and Energy. His clairvoyant abilities enable him to 'see' energies and auras and commune with Beings in other Dimensions (including personal Guides, animal totems and Light Beings), and this has been - and remains - invaluable in his spiritual life today. He has always had an interest in how the mind affects the body, and gained many qualifications in a wide range of mind-body-spirit therapies since the start of his spiritual journey in 1994. Until his semi-retirement in 2021 he ran his own therapy business, practicing as a Master NLP Hypnotherapist (including Past-Life Regression), a Certified NLP Practitioner, a Certified Life Coach, a Crystal Healer and Energy Worker, an AMD Master Practitioner, and a Reiki Master Practitioner; and also qualified as an AMD Teaching Master and a Reiki Master Teacher of 3 systems. He still works as a workshop leader and as an AMD Teaching Master and Reiki Master Teacher of the Tibetan/Usui system; and passing on the knowledge and skills he has acquired over 25+ years of practising and teaching a range of complementary therapies and esoteric courses and workshops is still a big part of what he loves doing.

* Winner of the 'BEST SELF-PUBLISHED SPIRITUAL BOOK OF THE YEAR' category in 'Soul & Spirit' magazine's Spiritual Book Awards for 2018 (hardcopy only £25). 
This book holds a great deal of completely new and unique information, channelled messages, 'Teachings' and Guided inner-journeys given by 26 Archangels and Archeia; and offers a self-led programme of work that will catalyse, aid and support your own personal journey of personal and spiritual growth and healing for less than the cost of a one-day workshop! It also includes information about (and aid and support from) 78 animal spirit guides; 78 crystals and minerals, and 52 trees. EVERYTHING in the book is totally new, and written from a brand new perspective, making the Archangels and their Love accessible to everybody, whether you are just setting out on your path, or are already on your way to Enlightenment! 
To obtain your copy (and for special deals and more information) follow this link to our on-line shop: BUY BOOK 
To find out more about what the book holds follow this link to the Publisher's website: KNOW MORE

soul & spirit gold award

HOW our name and logo is DEFINED:

In numerology the name "School of Inner Light" equates to Master Number 11. Eleven is the first Master number, and has a special relevance on an intuitive level. It is called the Master Psychic and suggests enhanced psychic capabilities and working at finer levels of intuition. It is also connected with Spiritual Truths and the concept of true Brotherhood - that we are all a part of the Whole, with no dimensional boundaries.

As the ethic of the School developed and grew, in 2009 we decided to create a new logo that better held the frequencies and ideals we were working with: this shows the Christed or Buddhic Self seated in Lotus position; and embraces the concept of the potential we each have to BE a fully awakened and enlightened Being of Light. When you look at the design, you will see at the 3rd eye the Sun of Divine Illumination, supported by the violet frequencies of the Flame of Transmutation, which sustains our connection to our Higher Self and the Universal Matrix and hence unites us with all sources of Divine Guidance and Enlightenment. Within the centre of the chest you will see the Emerald of the Heart, which holds the full spectrum of our reality - our embodied Absolute Self, embracing and acknowledging both our shadow side and Light side, which are held in perfect balance and accord. Shining through the body from its placement at the Seat of the Soul (located in front of the sacrum at the base of the spine*) you will see our core Diamond light shining out with brilliance and radiance from the Star at our centre, which is defined by the golden frequency of Divine Wisdom. Thus we recognize that we have re-connected with our birthright - our True and Divine Self - and in so doing can radiate our Inner Light, our Inner Peace, our Truth and our Joy for the benefit of ourself and others.

*according to the Oxford dictionary the name sacrum is from the Latin "os sacrum", meaning "sacred bone", from the ancient belief that the soul resides there!

When each of us begins our journey on the spiritual path, a spark is re-kindled within us. And as we take each step on our way back home to Source / God - or whatever your understanding of this is - our "Inner Light" becomes brighter. Our journey home provides us with many doorways: some open, some closed; and with many pathways: some clear, some not so clear. These provide us with the opportunities we need as we experience and grow in our understanding of the world around us and, perhaps more importantly, of our Self. Our journey is made possible through the Divine Gift of Free Will, which means that we are able to make ANY choice at ANY stage of our journey that we decide. Some choices we make we may perceive on reflection as being "good" or "bad". Or we may believe that other people make our choices for us. But in fact at some level we experience in our lives exactly what we have chosen to and, even if we cannot control the actual event, we can use the same gift of free will to choose how we react to each and every situation. And this is how we learn. ALL learning is progress and it is often the case that we learn the most from the least pleasant lessons, for sometimes we need to experience what we don't want in our lives in order to know what we do. And of course there are those times when we experience just what we need, and our hearts truly sing with the joy that those experiences bring us.

Here is what our Guides have to say about pathways:

"At the most basic you have each come here to fulfil a purpose. Finding it and carrying it out to the best of your ability in the full Light of Spirituality is what you need to do. To expend energy worrying about anything else is simply a waste of that energy. In truth it matters not what others think or do, or how they react to what you offer the world. For if every person on Earth were living their lives in accordance with their own Divine plan (which is recognising and working with their Christ-self / Buddha-self within) then all of humanity would live as mindful representations of God - compassionate, accepting and forgiving. Whosoever chooses to live in this way is practising being that which you all seek as your next step - to Ascend as a Master of your Self in your own right. For this is what the title "Ascended Master" means: Being a Master of yourself, and not of others! When you are true to your path you are complete and perfect and you understand the Peace and Joy that embodied Divinity creates."

Eventually what we discover is that the answers we have been reaching for on our journey are not "out there", but are within us, and it is along the paths and through the doorways of the INNER Self that we actually need to travel. Indeed, we have found that the true path to healing and growth - and so the way through which we will achieve our Ascension (both personal and planetary) is the pathway of the SELF: of self-understanding, self-healing, self-acceptance and self-love. These precepts laid the foundation and cornerstones for many of our courses and workshops, and we still find them to be emphasised to us time and again by our ever-present Guides and Teachers, who also wish those who work with our teachings to reach the same understanding.

Here is what our Guides have to say about inner knowing:

"...for sometimes it is necessary to look within the deepest depths of yourself to find the enlightenment that lives outside. For you to be connected, you must intimately know yourself, for then those things around you will be able to connect to you, and you will know them for what they are. For in knowing yourself you know all things and all there is to know..."

the design of our websites:

The design behind our web pages and partnership logos contains much symbolism. The main colours we have chosen to use for the text and pictures throughout all our sites are blue and navy. Both are shades of blue - the colour related to the throat chakra and communication, with hints of green (the heart / love) and indigo (the 3rd eye / intuition). We have chosen to put all channelled information in violet - the colour of the crown chakra, which connects us to our Higher Selves.

The background wallpaper for each page is composed of many silver spirals, silver being the energy of the soul. You will also find that "*stars*" feature in most of our logos. Michael Schneider's book "A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe" (ISBN 0-06-092671-6) has some very relevant things to say concerning the meanings behind stars and spirals, which I quote here:
"When we see stars and spirals we know that there is life and excellence, motion and transformation..... The lesson of the spiral is that every "thing" is a process - a dynamic "energy event".....With its inherent harmony the spiral is a metaphor for our inevitable transformation within..... beckoning us as a symbol of consciousness and the way we live. Our own inner spiral process whirls us into the mystery of the infinite within us..... In the spirals principles of self-replication, self-accumulation, self-recurrence and self-similarity..... the recurring key is the word "self". The message of the spiral is growth and the transformation of our Self."
He goes on to say, concerning the purpose of the spiral:
"The centre within us is the truth of our Higher Self, the reality deepest within, which each of us calls "I"..... The rhythmic interplay between the impulse to divide ourselves from our centre and the yearning that is expressed in our longing to return is found in the experience of constantly searching for and finding meaning in our lives. The interplay between these two forces manifests itself in the world as a curve. That is why the transformative path is characterised by a spiral..... When we grow we arrive at the same place we were before, but we arrive more experienced, higher on the circle.... "
We see this path of self-discovery as being the very thing we and the teachings of the School aim to support and encourage.

Overview of our philosophy:

Our "mission statement" is:

"To support fellow Lightworkers in developing the confidence and skills
that will help them to grow and find fulfilment on their journey."


Our motto is:

"Truth brings Light"


We are in reality vast

Bigger than our Planet -
as big even as our Solar System.
On this scale a human appears insignificant -
yet we create so much Energy,
completely disproportionate to our size.
Our influence is massive
and all concentrated in a tiny package:
on a small planet;
in a minor Solar System
of an insignificant Galaxy.

It is as if we hid ourselves here,
so that we could exert our influence unseen,
or so that we could learn,
and grow our skills and Power
before others knew of our existence
or presence upon the Galactic stage.
We must acknowledge the responsibility
to possess such Power;
and demonstrate the humility
to be trusted with it.
© Mark Brittain 2007