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This page will tell you a little about the Usui / Tibetan Reiki training we offer from Reiki 1 to Master Teacher level. We use the Tibetan attunement system developed by William Lee Rand, which teaches Reiki in the traditional Usui forms to Master Practitioner level, and uses a different attunement system at Master Teacher level, incorporating two additional symbols that are rooted in Tibetan Buddhism.

We welcome students on any of our Reiki Training courses, even if we have not been your Masters at earlier levels. We also welcome students who are Reiki trained with other Masters who wish to attend workshops that are offered to supplement and extend your existing Reiki practice. (You will need to show us your certificates and manuals, so that we know how much you currently understand.) Our own students are welcome to attend any Reiki training courses they have already completed with us at any time, if they need to refresh their knowledge, for a nominal charge.

All charges include our full back-up and support after you have completed your training, manuals, and of course a certificate. Also included are snacks and refreshments. All you need to supply are writing materials, lunch and yourself!


Reiki training offered

Usui Tibetan Reiki 1 (2 days): £250

On this two day course you will receive four attunements and learn how to use Reiki safely, enabling you to treat yourself, family and friends. We will work through various exercises, including visualisations for cleansing and balancing and for meeting your Reiki Guides. Hand positions, with alternatives, for self-treatment, treatments on seated recipients and treatments on recipients lying prone will be taught and practised extensively. We will also address energetic protection and supply information about the subtle body and chakras.
A full manual is included.

Usui Tibetan Reiki 2 (2 days): £250

On this two day course you will receive two attunements and learn three second degree Reiki Usui symbols, enabling you to know how to use these safely as a practitioner and in distant healing. Once again visualisations and exercises will be included, and there will be a chance to ask any questions and to get help on any problems that may have arisen following Reiki 1. Extra techniques including a Mind/Body Re-programming technique; Beaming Reiki; and using a quartz crystal focus for distant and group healing work is included. You will also be supplied with information that will help you understand how to start a Reiki practice. Completing this course qualifies you to treat the public as a second degree Reiki practitioner. A full manual is included.

Setting up and Running a Professional Reiki Practice (optional additional training) CPD offered (1 day): £100

We have chosen to share our many years of experience as full-time complementary therapists and teachers with others by offering a 1 day workshop for anyone who is qualified to at least Reiki 2 level, who wishes to establish their own Reiki Practice.
On this one day course we will cover: the practicalities of setting up a Reiki business; the day-to-day issues of running a practice; Record taking and legal requirements - including client history and treatment records; Outline therapy sessions; and Dealing with a Healing Crisis, with visualisation techniques. A manual is included, along with a CPD if required.

Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Practitioner (1 day): £175

On this one day course you will receive one attunement and learn the Usui Master symbol, enabling you to know how to use it to extend and enhance your existing Reiki practise. Time will be set aside for some practise treatments, so that you are able to appreciate the difference this attunement makes to the energies, as well as learning some new techniques that are more advanced than those taught at Reiki 2. Those students who do not wish to learn to initiate others into the Reiki lineage will have all they need after this stage to be a full Usui Reiki Master Practitioner. A manual is included.

Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher (2 days): £350

On this two day course students who wish to teach others will receive one attunement and learn two Tibetan Reiki Master symbols, and be shown how to use these to enhance their Reiki practice and to initiate others into the practise and lineage of Reiki. Full instruction on how to pass the attunements for four levels (Reiki 1 to Master Teacher) is given, and there will be plenty of time to practise these so that you feel fully confident about what they are being taught to do. A very comprehensive teaching manual is included.

Usui Sensai

Mikao Usui - Founder of the Usui Reiki System