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This testimonials page is designed to show photographs of students at work and at their graduation, as well as provide some feedback from various students about how they feel about the courses and work they have undertaken with us.

Here are a few of the comments and reviews that we have received from some of the many people whom we have been privileged to teach (and learn with) on our courses and workshops:


"The best decision I’ve made – the School of Inner Light Crystal Practitioner Course is amazingly comprehensive, thorough and gives you grounding in all aspects of working with crystals and energy, as well as how this fits with under context of the earth & universal energies. Mark and Hilary generously share their knowledge, skills and guidance and are very supportive, excellent teachers. I would highly recommend the course."

"A fantastic course. We were encouraged to grow, learn and question until we felt confident and able to deliver a treatment in a safe, relaxed manner to Mark & Hilary's high standards!
We all grew as individuals, bonded as a group and spent an amazing two years playing & learning about Crystals learning so much more than we expected."

"I cannot recommend this course highly enough. If anyone wants to learn about crystals, become a crystal therapist or just find out who they truly are as a person, then THIS is the course to take. I have studied many topics on many courses over time and most become a bit tiring and a "chore" after a while. I looked forwards to every module on this course with excitement and enthusiasm and still can't believe how much I have learnt and developed. I started off being a corporate high flyer, not having any "real" friends and ignoring my family and myself for materialistic gain and have emerged from this course as a completely different person. I have found the balance in my life, appreciate the small things and the "now", cherish my friends and have a zest for life. Without this course I would not be able to help others progress in their lives - to have their own zest for life - or become the therapist I now am."

"An amazing 2 year journey of self discovery and energy work. I feel very blessed to have been led to Hilary and Mark and the School of Inner Light."

"This course has been a wonderful journey. I had no idea of how far I would travel and develop over the two years. My confidence has grown and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to grow in such a safe context with two wonderful tutors. Thank you both."

"The commitment shown by all the students and yourselves, Mark & Hilary, made the course what it was. Your words of encouragement and dedication to each and every one of us at times of change and conflict and times of triumph was remarkable. Many thanks."

"I cannot believe that 2 years have gone by, and how much I have developed energetically in that time. It's been an incredible journey. I have always felt well supported and able to turn to you at times of need and you have always been approachable, good listeners and very giving of your time."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the course. Thank you for sharing the knowledge and experience with me. I learnt so many new skills, and lots about myself too! To be able to add crystal therapy to my work is fantastic, both as a stand-alone therapy and in integration with my massage and reflexology treatments. I know my journey with crystals has really only just begun!"

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my two-year journey whilst on the crystal course. I have learnt new skills and techniques and am seeing amazing changes and improvements in my clients. My life has changed hugely, and the techniques I have learnt have supported me along the way. I love my new-found connection with crystals!"

"What a journey it has been: 2 years of hard work certainly, but so much learnt in that time. The breadth of the course has been its strength and has helped me develop my knowledge and skills of "energy work" way beyond crystal healing. Excellent tutors with support throughout. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to go on a personal journey to discover their "spiritual side".

"If you want the opportunity to grow on all levels then Hilary and Mark's crystal course provides gentle and experienced guiding hands which allow you to find your own path. Combining crystals with Reiki is a natural combination!"

"This was a long course with lots of homework! Yet you learn so much and make many changes on the way: there are tears of joy - and sadness! It takes off your rough edges and smoothes out your cracks to make you a more rounded person with new ideas and stronger beliefs. Thank you for everything. I wouldn't have been able to get through the journey....without you and the course."

DIPLOMA COURSE (photographs) 

Last day of final Module - 21st May 2006: - CLASS OF 2004:

Partners in crime: Carol, Lorraine, Hilary 2, Darren, Jackie, Tony.

picture of the class of 2004

Last day of final Module - 6th May 2007 - CLASS OF 2005:

Top row: Hilary, Mary, Richard and Mark; Front row: Debbie, Tracy and Martina.

picture class of 2005



"The first day is about understanding and practicing concepts that are needed to undertake the work at this level and there is a detailed manual to support the course which is provided at this point. The information and practice is good preparation for what is to follow. The week gap between the first and second day is very valuable as it provides the opportunity to further practice what was learnt on the first day and to read the material which is comprehensive plus allows you to prepare questions to support your understanding. I had lots of questions on Day 2 and Mark and Hilary answered every question and provided extra explanations. The material was not at fault it was me getting ‘my head around it’. The next two days was full of discussions, attunements and practice which were elating and illuminating. The practice is very valuable as everyone’s experiences are different and having feedback from Mark and Hilary is very beneficial. You walk away from the course with new tools and understanding and of course further homework. Hilary and Mark provide a comfortable relaxed environment for you to understand, evolve and grow. They are both very experienced energy workers who share their knowledge with keenness and without ego. A lot of energy work needs to be based on trust and knowing. I trust both Hilary and Mark and know they have been there and done that, but they are still exploring and growing as hopefully are we all. If you wish to advance in your energy work I can thoroughly recommend this path."

"AMD is everything that I have been looking for and more. The support and care which was given during the training from Mark and Hilary was amazing.  AMD is a MUST for all serious Energy / Light workers and their ongoing development. Thank you so very much both of you for both writing and teaching this wonderful process."

"The attunements were amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the course; giving and receiving treatments, and sending distance healing. The structure and content of the course was fantastic and you both were really great trainers."

"I cant say I didn't know what to expect before I studied AMD, because I did. Everything Mark and Hilary do is well researched and presented. Their professionalism is second to none, but they never lose their sense of humour. It has been a privilege to study this wonderful (full of wonder) healing system with the people who put so much thought, effort and love into developing it. Thank you, Mark and Hilary"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am looking forward to moving on to the next stage. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in healing. Well done Hilary and Mark, and thank you once again."

"I couldn't imagine a clearer, more comprehensive, professional and fun course, providing the practitioner with the skills and confidence to practise a wide ranging and powerful healing system appropriate for all. Thank you!"

"Mark and Hilary give me every confidence that I am receiving the best possible teaching, support and advice both during the course and afterwards."

ascension course - photographs:

Grounding the Feminine Ray - the Return of the Flame of Mu, 9th Day in November 2008:

Grounding the Feminine orb Grounding the Feminine

The picture of the orb to the right of the first picture is an enlargement of the orb seen in the upper left of that shot. Although not reproduced very well, when seen in close up it is shot through with Rays of Gold - wonder who that might be (!) You will also notice there were multiple orbs around as well as that very colourful one. Also note the orb above the right hand rose quartz in the third picture.....

The Flame of Truth and Light, 5th Day in July 2008. (Once more, loads of orbs about.....)

ascension orbs ascension orbs


ARCHANGEL COURSE photographs: 

(Last day, 10th December 2006 - with Archangel Azrael!) - CLASS OF 2006:

The gang present on that day: (left - right; top row first)
Hilary 2, Wendy, Lorraine, Sally, Carol, Darren, Mark, Hilary 1, Jackie.

picture of class of 2006

WEEKEND WITH THE ARCHAEONS (2nd & 3rd February 2008)

Top row: Linda, Carol, Anne, Hilary, Wendy;
Front row: Mark (left picture) Alison (right picture), Keryn, Mollie and Margaret.
(Alison is the artist who brought through the Archaeon pictures seen behind us - they are
(left to right) Metatron, Azrael, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel.
Check out the orbs!!

archaeon weekend archaeon weekend