the diploma course
module content:


The first module will take place over three days, usually on consecutive weekends.

Opening the course and introductions
Explanation of how the whole course slots together; explaining course requirements
What crystal healing is and why it works
Starting a healing collection; choosing and buying crystals
Cleansing, energising and aftercare of crystals
Dedicating crystals - statements of intent
The importance of being centred, grounded and focused
Dowsing - what it is and how to use a crystal pendulum - demo and practise
Dowsing as a questioning, healing & selection technique; working with a flow chart
Basic healing sessions - safety aspects and protocols
Basic layouts for grounding & centering, calming & balancing, cleansing & energising - demo and practise
Introducing diagnostics of the energy field by hand scanning
Using the Left/Right balancing technique - demo and practise
Locating the layers of the auric field and sensing its nature - demo and practise
Hand chakra clearance technique, using dowser - demo and practise
Auric clearance using dowser, with intuitive input and use of crystals - demo and practise
The nature of shape and form - visualisation
Introducing sacred geometry: experiencing number and shapes in 2D
Introducing the significance of numbers & numerology relating to shape and form


Information on "The Dimensions"
Energy (psychic) Protection - what it is, when and why it is needed
Basic rules for keeping the energy field clear and protected
Basic Energy Maintenance routine: clearing, charging and connecting - demo and practise
Discussing the nature of the Violet and Magdalene Flames
Examining & sensing crystals and other tangible tools useful for protection
Understanding the difference between passive and active psychic attack and ways to deal with both
Supportive and protective techniques using visualisations, crystal grids, affirmations and invocations - practise
Space clearance and protection: working with a Mercury barrier for clearance and protection - demo and practise
Clearing and charging: using the Gold and Platinum Net; using Reiki energy - demo and practise
Protecting your home and property  - using the Quad Grid and Quint Grid methods
"Balls of Light" visualisations for clearing and charging energy fields and spaces
Understanding and using "identifiers" with guides etc.
Exploring what Spirit and Spirituality may mean to you; what brings you joy
Working with the breath and meditative techniques and using mantras - practise
Spiritual discipline and bringing Spirituality into life - ways to support your growth
Opening to guidance through using decks of cards or inspirational texts and books - practise
Contacting and working with Spirit Guidance - what to expect
The Universal Right to Challenge; composing and using "identifiers" 
Working safely with other Dimensional Beings under Spiritual Rights and Laws; some suggested routines
Meeting, identifying and working with your personal Gatekeeper - practise
Meeting and recognising your own Guide allocated for your work with crystals - practise


What is colour; how we see colour and how colour relates to Light and crystal structure
The Spiritual manifestation of Light; Bringing the Light to Earth and Humanity
Exploring our emotional, mental and physical associations with colour - practical work with 9 colours
The attributes of 7 of the main Colour Rays
Experiencing colour through sensing coloured crystals
About the main chakra system - what and where it is, some keywords on each chakra
Main chakra links with colour, crystals & the endocrine system; the nervous system and spine
The Seven Kingdoms:  the mineral Kingdom's place in Earth's evolution and the Omniversal Plan
The consciousness of crystals and within the mineral kingdom
An exercise in how to bond with, cleanse, awaken and attune to your crystals
How to sense crystals and communicate with them through:
Journeying within a crystal to meet with its guardian or Devic consciousness;
Free writing techniques communicating directly with a crystal or its guardian;
Free writing to obtain input about crystals from your crystal course Guide;
Working with larger Master crystals through sensing and dialogue
Comparing the energies of large and small crystals - size isn't everything!


What the chakras are, where they are situated, their purposes (7 major, front & rear of body)
About the central column / pranic core; energy flow through the  major nadiis 
The purpose, functioning and energetic structure of the major chakras
Earth Star and Soul Star chakras and the effects of Dimensional shifts
Using a dowser to diagnose and map the chakras, on and off the body - demo and practise
Balancing the chakras using a crystal dowser - demo and practise
Using quartz points to direct or redirect energy towards / away from / between chakras
Basic chakra work with crystals -rainbow (simple and complex), enhanced and multi-option layouts - demo and practise
Using basic multi-purpose crystal templates to energise, calm and balance any of the 9 chakras
Complex rainbow chakra layout incorporating grids, templates & directional points
3 chakras in depth: Earth Star, Base, Sacral - their functions, keywords, traits, support and diagnostics
Sensing and recognising crystals that resonate with each of these chakras
Using specific templates to balance each specific chakra
Practical exercise: mapping all the chakras and correcting them using appropriate arrays


3 chakras in depth: Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat - their functions, keywords, traits, support and diagnostics
Sensing and recognising crystals that resonate with each of these chakras
Using specific templates to balance each specific chakra
Practical exercise: mapping all the chakras and correcting them using appropriate arrays
Scanning the chakras through thought / inner focus or sight
3 chakras in depth: Brow, Crown, Soul Star - their functions, keywords, traits, support and diagnostics
Sensing and recognising crystals that resonate with each of these chakras
Using specific templates to balance each specific chakra
Practical exercise: mapping all the chakras and correcting them using appropriate arrays
Balancing your own chakras through directed thought and visualisation; creating a Golden shield


Auric bodies - location, appearance and chakra links
Exploring personal development linked with age, chakras and auric bodies
About each of the 7 main bodies / layers in more detail
Additional Bodies; the Higher Chakras and Dimensional shifts; the Unified Energy Body
Overview of the human subtle anatomy system, including the nadiis, meridians, the ethereal fluidium and secondary chakras
Working in the auric field - general
Choosing and working with a crystal wand; clearing wands of negativity
Using crystals to ground, calm, balance and energise the Auric bodies - demo and practise
Sensing the energies of crystal wands and demo of the Auric Field Clearance technique using a wand
Practical exercise: scanning diagnostic of energy field & auric clearance using a crystal wand
Preparing and using a dowsing arc or other treatment selection methods
Recognising and dealing with a healing crisis
Dealing with localised pain during treatments using crystals and / or Reiki
Dealing with specific problem areas during treatments using crystals and / or Reiki
Using crystals and Reiki to clear Energy Blocks in the pranic core / limbs - demo and practise
Using an Amethyst Healing Grid for deep healing - demo and practise
Using Black Tourmaline to balance the energy field (Tibetan 8s technique) - demo and practise


Energetic anomalies, what they are and what they might be caused by
Anomalies in relation to linear time, karma and life's "learning experiences / opportunities"
Geopathic Stress - natural and man-made
Understanding, recognising, finding and dealing with anomalies: (advanced techniques!)
Thought forms and threads - self-induced / outside influenced
Energy cords and hooks - open-ended and restrictive
Holes, tears and other damage in the aura or chakras - cause and identification
Recognising the presence of entity attachments - their nature + some guidance
Practising sensing and identifying energetic anomalies using touch and intuition
Learning and working with various techniques to remedy them - demo and practise
Making gem essences - basic overview
Understanding how and why gem essences work in the auric field
Using vibrational remedies with the subtle bodies, concentrating on energetic anomalies
Auric dislocation re-alignment technique - demo and practise
The mind-body connection and how thoughts and emotions affect the body
Emotional Release - deep breathing
Relaxation and balancing techniques and visualisations for therapist and client
Experiencing guided relaxation and visualisation techniques
Working with positive thinking and focus for self and clients
Composing & working with affirmations and positive intents
Subtle Body Affirmation Support technique using subtle body access points - demo and practical
Crystalline Rainbow - subtle bodies balancing and activation technique - demo and practise

You must have obtained or refreshed your Usui/Tibetan Reiki 1 (by module 5) and 2 (by module 8).


Codes of Ethics and Standards of Practise - the UK Reiki Federation's guidelines
Contraindications to treatment; payment; client's consent; treatment of minors; obligations
Client initial history taking and treatment records - nature of records and record keeping
The aim of a complete energy work treatment using Reiki and crystals
Our priorities in determining the order of our work
Healing session: routines - preparing the space and yourself; taking history - keeping records; dealing with contraindications; client's agreement to treatment - using disclaimers; preparing the client; diagnostic techniques - dowsing and scanning; selection of treatments and priorities; opening and closing of the chakras and opening and sealing of the auric field; timings, selection, cleansing and placement of stones; grounding & safety aspects and protocols; aftercare and advice to client; follow-up process; cleansing of self, room and tools following work.
Reminder and summary of techniques learnt so far
Full treatment session - tutor-led demonstration (diagnostics - advanced scanning, chakra mapping and auric body mapping ; determining priorities in treatment session; deciding overall aim for the outcome of the session; carrying out treatment giving feedback and explanations of findings; taking and recording treatment notes; follow up, conclusions and feedback from client and group; dealing with any questions arising)
Recap and practise of finding, identifying and dealing with energetic anomalies
Practise of full treatment session, including history taking, diagnostics + client and self assessment - practice session to be supervised by tutors using assessment guidelines with input if required as work progresses


Follow up of full treatment from practise session mod 8 - dealing with any problems / queries / recapping techniques as necessary
Guidance for case studies - what we need to see produced
Full treatment session, including preparation and closing of space; history taking; diagnostics; treatment; client and self assessment - session to be assessed by tutors using assessment guidelines (to judge readiness to start working on case studies) - 3 hours working time in total
Self-healing with Reiki and crystals - importance of and suggestions of methods
Distance healing - witnesses and permissions
Distance healing with crystal mandalas; with a Bouclier diagram (+ colour, cards etc) - demo and practise
Distant healing routine using Reiki and Reiki 2 symbols alone
Distant healing routines using crystals alone and combined with Reiki - demo and practise
Earth and planetary healing with crystals and Reiki - methods for working alone - demo and practise
Group distance healing practice for personal and planetary purposes, including mandalas - demo and practise


Using esoteric "stars" in grids and the significance of the number of their points
Using basic energy grids around a treatment couch with crystals and / or Reiki
When and why to use grids using 3, 6, or 12 clear qtz, citrine or amethyst
What is quartz, how does it form, where is it found?
Understanding and sensing the structure of the quartz family tree including: the chalcedonies, jaspers and agates; all obsidians and all other types, including man-made, treated and included forms - both crystalline and massive formations
Active and passive programming; influencing and infusing of quartz and other crystals
Identifying crystals that are already influenced or programmed - positively or negatively
De-programming and clearing quartz of positive or negative energies / entities
Processes for active and passively programming quartz crystals
Bonding with and programming clear quartz for specific purposes
Passively influencing crystals to input specific energies
Working with, identifying, understanding and exploring different forms and formations of natural citrine, amethyst, ametrine, rose quartz and smoky quartz
Sensing and using shaped crystals: pyramids, eggs, obelisks, spheres and palm-stones
Identifying different forms, formations and esoteric characteristics of a wide selection of clear quartz crystals
Recognising how the influences of their country of origin may affect the energy of crystals such as quartz
Understanding and identifying some Master crystals and their uses


Explaining, identifying and understanding included quartz - including Rutilated, Tourmalinated, Black-spot, Phantoms, Lithium, Tangerine, Titanium and Blue
Explaining, identifying and understanding treated quartz and man-made quartz - including Aqua aura, Ruby aura, Flame aura, Opal aura, Cobalt aura, Tanzine Aura, Lazurine, Siberian quartz and Gaia stone
Understanding and identifying the energies of high vibrational and powerful crystals
The nature of grids (nets / layouts) and how and why they work
Working with specific layouts and grids - guidelines and rules
Layouts / grids for specific physical / emotional conditions - for use with the self and/or clients
Using crystal grids to aid in working and communicating with other Dimensional helpers
Travelling out-of-body, rules and methods to help this process
Meeting and communicating with Light Beings using layouts with crystals


Sacred geometry -introducing the platonic solids; the significance of number and numerology; Metatron's cube
Experiencing shape in 3D - the 5 platonic solids + the sphere and merkaba
Working with colour using a mandala; and interpretation of patterns created through free expression
Making patterns and mandalas using crystals - as a healing modality for body, mind and spirit; and for intuitive exploration and personal growth
Composing grids / nets: processes for working logically; processes for working intuitively; general rules and guidelines
Working with grids / nets: composing shapes using coloured card and crystals and sensing the energies; changing and adapting patterns; using terminated and / or polished crystals; composing nets for physical / mental / emotional /spiritual purposes; experiencing nets created in large scale and sensing their energies


Outstanding problems / recap of any practical techniques where required
Practise of FULL PRACTICAL ASSESSMENT: to include full history taking; diagnostics; treatment; feedback; writing of records; self and client assessment and clearing away
(3 hours each session: this will include:
Preparing the space - 30 minutes
Practical assessment - performing a complete healing session - 2 hours allowed in total
Clearing up / winding down - 30 minutes)
Feedback of practical session from tutors and between peers
Practical aspects of running a healing business, including record keeping; accounts; insurance; legal obligations; practicalities; safety aspects; professional bodies & associations
Completing your collection of healing crystals and tools
Updating paperwork and homework
"What the Bleep" - a video about Spirit and the nature of reality

(A full practical assessment will be carried out and observed and assessed by your tutors between these last 2 Modules - you must pass this to complete the course requirements.)


Feedback and brief comments on the practical assessment
Short personal presentations to the group (homework from module 13)
Clearing up any outstanding queries
Discussion of any next steps
Taking things forwards by experiencing grids to meet with archetypal energies of Archangels & Ascended Masters (chosen from comprehensive lists provided)
Graduation details
Final healing / visualisation session
Closure of group & course

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