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The School of Inner Light offers a unique professional Diploma course in Crystal Healing & Energy Work, which combines crystal therapy / healing, Reiki and Vibrational Energy work. This page will tell you about what the course entails, how much it costs, what you get for your money and our (and our Guides) teaching philosophies. It also links you to two other pages that set out the course Syllabus and Module content in complete detail.

This diploma course is a two-year part-time Professional Practitioner course that includes 27 days attended teaching sessions (plus a half-day or multiples thereof for the practical assessment(s)) spread over approximately a two year period. We run this course on a flexible basis, ON DAYS TO SUIT YOU, with a small intake of students that will ensure each attendee receives a great deal of personal attention and individual coaching. Classes will be taught on an academic and intuitive level by Hilary with support and input on an "energetic / subtle" level provided by Mark. All modules are held in a safe and energetically supported environment.

The total cost for the training is £2200, which works out at around £80 per day attended, and includes all training manuals, refreshments, advice and support outside of the modules and marking of homework, but does not include time for or costs relating to Reiki 1 & 2 training / refreshers*. By concession the fees may be paid in monthly instalments over 20 months at a cost of £110 per month.
*It is anticipated that prospective students may already be Reiki trained, thus only needing to attend a refresher course or Reiki share with us (to demonstrate how they currently work with Reiki). This also gives those that are not yet trained their own choice of Reiki Master - which may or may not be us!

Very comprehensive handouts to accompany each Module will be given to each student, totalling around 250 pages of full-colour printed A4 sheets by the end of the course as we like to allow plenty of time for listening, sensing, discussing and doing practical work, without the need for students to spend time taking basic notes in class. You will probably add your own notes as you go along, but all that you will need to know and refer to throughout the course and afterwards, including guidance for all practical techniques, will be provided. Not many other Crystal courses offer this! Every module includes reading and understanding of material presented, as well as plenty of supervised practical "hands-on" sessions and intuitive exploration.

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Overall the course will provide a thorough grounding in working with crystals and in a variety of crystal healing techniques with the aim of giving students the knowledge, tools and "rules" they will need to confidently perform a safe and competent Crystal Healing and Energy Work session. Students will be expected to take Reiki training or already be trained to a minimum of practitioner level (Usui Reiki 2) during year 1. On the course we will then show students how to work further with Reiki energy alone and in combination with crystals for personal, practitioner and planetary purposes. There will also be the option of progressing to Reiki Master level during the second year, if students need or wish to, and if the time is right for them to do so.
We believe that in order to work competently with Energy there is a need to understand the workings of the Energy Bodies (Subtle Anatomy) that surround and encompass our physical body, and also that the mind-body connection and how our thought processes and emotions affect our bodies needs to be recognised and understood. Accordingly, in order to lay the ground-work in understanding and working with a wide range of techniques, the first year of the course covers all the basics, including looking at chakras, the aura, the subtle body systems and subtle energy in depth plus the use of colour, focus and intention in healing work. This will enable students to practise what they have learnt by working on their case studies over the final year.
In the second year we will extend our knowledge of crystals by looking at the Quartz family in great depth and sensing and exploring many types, forms and formations of that family. As our other personal speciality is working with and composing crystal layouts both for healing and self-development purposes we will be spending time on this aspect in the second year as well, providing support, guidance and encouragement to enable students to understand how to construct and work with their own layout compositions and begin to understand the nature of energy, form and matter in 3D. This will also help to further advance students confidence in working intuitively.

Special emphasis will be placed throughout on encouraging the development of intuitive skills when working, both with crystals and hands on healing, and to this end we will be looking at a total of around 70 crystals and minerals in depth and on an intuitive basis, as well as learning to work clearly and safely with sources of Higher Guidance, including personal Guides and Archetypes. We expect that by the end of the course each student will have developed their own unique style of working with crystals and energy, and our overall aim is therefore to supply them with the tools, understanding and the confidence they need  to work clearly and safely in the Energy Work field. 

The course is as much (if not more!) about personal growth and development as it is about gaining a qualification. To us the journey and the exploration is as important as the destination and this growth process can bring immense personal satisfaction and a genuine sense of achievement (to both the student and ourselves). This learning and growth process can be enormously healing - and will be challenging at times - and we know that those students who are drawn to our course will be changed considerably by the end of the two year process. (*) The course is not easy - the modules are very full and intense - and so our students need to exhibit a high level of commitment, which we will match in every way. Our hope is that at the end of the course each person will understand how wonderfully their dedication has paid off, as they see how much they have grown in confidence and ability.

(*) Follow this link to the "testimonials" page to read what students have to say about the course and their journeys.

Here is what our Guides have to say about pathways, choices and growth:

All parts of exploratory and personal development work are vital - working with methods and ways of facilitating healing in others is only an adjunct to this . If you can facilitate healing for others, or if a healing path is a part of your destiny, then this part is important. But you need to be well and complete yourself before helping others to heal themselves. Therefore always, even as a healer, work on the Self is primary, including healing of self. By strengthening and clarifying your own energetic bodies and expanding your "Mind" and "Self", you will have access to yet more information that will help you heal, learn and grow spiritually. This focus on what your heart and soul needs and wants to do is what it is all about. This is not to say that you turn your backs on others, but means taking responsibility for your Self and encouraging, directing and helping others to do the same. And then not being bound up in how they use your help, or its results; or being bound up in what others then do, or how they choose to act. This is not important for it will be their choice (or karma / path / lesson, call it what you will), not yours. If you keep your focus on what is ahead of you, and what you need, want or have to do, nothing else will matter. All will fall into place around you. By simply LIVEing and BEing what you are meant to be, you are being true to yourself. This in turn will affect those around you, as your Light helps illuminate their lives. When you are true to your path, you are complete and perfect.

To see the list of subjects covered in the syllabus by category, go to our "Syllabus" page.
To see details of what we cover in each weekend module, in chronological order, go to our "Modules" page.

Our aim, as far as the Crystal Healing & Energy Work diploma is concerned, is to produce healers who, having completed the course:

If you want more information, or to chat about our course, please contact us using the (see "Contact Us Page").

In an ideal world it would also be great to "light a few sparks" and to show people how joyful it is to live and work within ones own personal truths. Life is not meant to be hard and we are great believers in having a laugh and a bit of fun along the way and there is always room for humour and lightness on our courses. We are finding out how wonderful it is to be able to do something that truly brings us joy!

and here is some of the humour we encounter!

(Student to "client", just starting a practise run-through therapy session)
"Now, you may feel a strange sensation in a minute....................ZIP (sound of zipper being undone!)....................."
Unseen by his partner, he had turned his back and unzipped his jumper to remove it, because he was feeling hot.............. she, however, found his words in conjunction with the sound she heard highly amusing, and was rolling around in fits of laughter!

(Student's reply to another, who was offering him a piece of fruit during the lunch break)
"No, it's alright thanks; (reaching under his poncho), I've got some nuts down here I haven't touched all day".
Thankfully, he brought out a bag of cashew nuts, but of course it was too late, and all were in fits again!

Thanks to all our students and fellow travellers - you make our lives worthwhile, and we just love the fun and hilarity we all share - we love you all!